6 Reasons Why It Pays to Have Experts Handle Your Disaster Recovery

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Whether natural or man-made, when a disaster strikes if you’re not prepared you could lose your company’s valuable data. That could cripple your business; maybe even force you to shut down completely. So, while you can’t know when a disaster will strike, you can be prepared to protect your data with (DR) Disaster Recovery Planning.

However, if your DR Planning calls for your in-house IT techs to execute the recovery, you may be putting both the process and your business at risk.

Here are 6 reasons why it pays to have DR experts handle the job for you instead:

  1. Experience & Skill. It’s highly unlikely that your tech team has handled a recovery before. Disaster event sequence and application of the correct recovery solutions varies from one disaster scenario to the next. If not executed correctly, your team could make things even worse.
    TECA’s team of experts handle so many different DR scenarios, there’s almost nothing they haven’t seen. They have the expertise to manage whatever comes their way, quickly and effectively!
  1. Upfront DR Testing. Changes to your IT environment, staff turnover, and even tech updates can impact your DR plan. That’s why DR Testing is critical to a full and complete recovery. Unfortunately, it’s a step too many organizations skip.
    The experts at TECA include Recovery Testing with documentation right from the start. This provides a recovery roadmap in the event of a disaster and ensures a recovery will run smoothly and successfully.
  1. Peace of Mind. When systems go down, panic rises quickly. Panicked people make mistakes, overlook the obvious, and can create even bigger problems in the long run.
    With TECA experts at your disposal, cooler heads prevail. As experienced professionals, they remain calm in the aftermath of disaster, executing the correct solutions in a steady and proven way.
  1. Dedicated to DR. Your IT team probably handles a great many responsibilities every day, though it’s not likely that they’ve done a bare metal recovery any time recently, if at all.
    Teca’s expert team specializes in Disaster Recovery. It’s what they do day in and day out. You can be confident that their experience and knowledge will get you back in business faster after a disaster.
  1. Complex Recoveries. It’s not unusual for an organization to run complex or multiple OS environments. If your organization is one of those, you may think you have to hire separate DR companies for each environment. That could be costly and time consuming.
    TECA is one of the few companies that work in both AS400 and x86 environments. With their expertise they can recover all your critical workloads making it easier and more affordable for you to work with just one vendor.
  1. Dated Equipment. Out of date IBM OS versions can pose a challenge for those who have little to no expertise in handling revisions.
    TECA’s expert team is one of the few who do. Even if your organization runs older OS versions, TECA can still recover your critical data in the event of a disaster.

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There’s so much more to Disaster Recovery than backing up your data to the cloud. The experts at TECA have the experience, knowledge, and tools you need to ensure your valuable data is never lost.

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