If You Don’t Have Veeam, You Risk Losing Everything

Veeam backup solution
An interview with Tom Fischer, TECA CEO/President, and John McGee, TECA Senior Director of Technology

  • What is Veeam?
  • Veeam is a software backup tool for local and to-the-cloud backup and recovery within virtualized and physical x86 environments.
  • What are the advantages of Veeam for businesses?
  • Veeam provides businesses with high-speed recovery, avoidance of data loss, and verified recoverability in the event of a disaster. It is a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective way for a business to transfer backups off-site.
  • What do businesses risk if they don’t use Veeam?
  • If a business’s IT systems go down and they do not have a reliable disaster recovery solution, the potential for disaster is substantial and could prove catastrophic for the future of the business. Without a solution such as Veeam, a company could suffer downtime, data loss, and significant loss of revenue.
  • What is the advantage of implementing Veeam through TECA?
  • As a Veeam Certified Service Provider, we supply licensing as part of our service. Typically, a company would spend thousands to acquire licensing and servicing on their own. But with TECA, that cost shifts from a capital expenditure to an operating cost. Our clients pay as they go, only paying for as many licenses as they need.
    Other solutions require an outside vendor to pick up a company’s backups for off-site storage, then wait 2–4 hours for them to deliver their backups for recovery after a disaster. That scenario could result in a major loss for any business. But with TECA Data Safe and Veeam, backups are sent to our cloud repository as soon as they’re completed and are immediately recoverable in the event of a disaster.
  • What can a business expect when working with TECA?
  • We assist with setup and implementation. We start by assessing a company’s environment and their backup needs. We consider their RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective), then tailor a solution that fits their specific needs. It’s really the best assurance a business can have that an IT outage isn’t going to put them out of business.

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In the IT world, the best strategy for a company’s critical backup and recovery is simply called “3‑2‑1.” That is 3 copies of your data on 2 different types of media of which 1 is located off-site. When a company implements Veeam, that strategy plays out as follows — original data on Veeam, a local copy to local storage, and a third copy sent off to securely reside in the cloud.

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