The Price You’ll Pay if You’re Not Planning for Disaster Recovery

It’s a grim scenario. Say it’s Monday morning at your office. You’ve got your coffee, sales are streaming in on your website, and business is good. Then suddenly, a pipe bursts in the restroom that’s located next door to your computer room. Before the leak can be contained, water destroys your server and your system goes down. Now what? Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

Let’s say that you do. You’ve been diligently backing up your system to tape for years. You’ve even taken the extra precaution of storing those tapes offsite. The last time you tested your backup, it seemed to work, but that was more than a year ago.

Right now, your business is at a standstill. Your employees have no way to access your database or fulfill orders, which means that for the time being, your revenue source has dried up. Recovering your system and getting back up online has now become mission critical.

And now the clock is ticking.

Unfortunately, too often this scenario is the rule and not the exception. What happens now is that your business has to replace what’s been lost—the IT infrastructure—and your system must be rebuilt. Software and applications must be re-installed, backed up data from your tapes must be restored. Depending upon the size of your business, this could take days, even weeks. And that’s only if the tapes are good. If there’s a glitch or gaps, you may end up losing valuable data.

All the while, you’re losing sales. Your customers are turning to your competitors, your companies’ reputation is suffering, and you’ve lost orders that were in your system with no way to recover them. In the meantime, you must still pay your employees’ salaries, even if they’re unable to do their jobs.

When you combine those costs with the price of replacement systems, updated software, license fees and more, you could be talking about thousands and thousands of dollars.

The price of being unprepared for disaster—even if you think you are prepared—can be extraordinarily high. In the end, it could even cost you your business.

To determine just how much a disaster could cost your business, go to TECA’s free online Disaster Recovery Calculator.