TECA’s Growing Team Means Even Better Customer Service

New team member
At TECA Data Safe we know building exceptional customer relationships begins with delivering outstanding customer service. To achieve that, we must be very particular about who we bring on board the TECA team. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce you to our newest Computer Support Specialist, Bryan Whelan.

Even though Bryan is relatively new to TECA, he’s had years of experience with technology.

“I’ve always been interested in computers,” he says. “I built my own before I ever went to college.”

Bryan earned his Desktop Support Certification in Applied Sciences from Hennepin Technical College. Upon graduating, he joined the TECA team as an intern, providing support services and acquiring the experience needed to ensure our customers received the quality service they’ve come to expect from TECA.

In January 2018, Bryan accepted a full-time position with TECA.

“My main objective is the overall customer experience,” says Bryan. “I strive to make our customers feel confident in what we do, how we work with them, and most importantly, in the security we offer their business.”

To that end, Bryan has been involved with the TECA team on several large projects, most recently moving an important clients’ AS400 system to the cloud.

Says Bryan, “I just really love helping customers and seeing them happy.”

And that’s what outstanding customer service is all about.

Want to learn more about Bryan and the TECA team or any of the services TECA Data Safe offers? Contact us today.


This is the time retailers wait for all year. Preparations for the holiday shopping season are in full swing, warehouses are being stocked, and new inventory is hitting the shelves. Retailers count on their networks to track all that product information, whether their business is brick and mortar or online. So, what happens when there’s a power outage and the network goes down? What happens to their customer database, orders in the midst of processing, inventory location and pricing?

Is it gone forever?

It doesn’t have to be. Valuable system data is protected when retailers (or other businesses) rely on a disaster recovery solution to ensure their business can recover from any disaster.

To find out more about protecting your business, contact TECA today.

Dazzle your office mates, friends, and family with your TechTrivia expertise!

Fact or Fiction?

Protecting your computer systems should be priority one for any business. Test your knowledge to see if you know fact from fiction.

  1. There are approximately 60,000 computer viruses released into cyber space every year.
  2. The word password is one of the most commonly used passwords.
  3. In 2012, a national survey revealed that 51% of people thought stormy weather affected cloud computing.