Private vs. Public Cloud Computing — Which Is Right for Your Organization?

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Cloud computing is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around since the mid-1990s. Research indicates that somewhere between 90-100 percent of organizations make use of at least one cloud service.

If your organization is one of the few that doesn’t, is a startup, or is considering migrating to a different hosting provider, now is a good time to assess what’s best for your organization — private or public cloud computing.

Private Cloud

A Private Cloud environment is one with dedicated systems for a single organization’s use. It is particularly beneficial to organizations that must meet compliance requirements for privacy and security. These include clinics, hospitals, medical facilities, financial institutions, tech startups, large corporations, marketing groups, web developers, stock market traders, global workforces, and remote teams.

With a hosted Private Cloud, a service provider like TECA manages the physical infrastructure and hosts it in their data centers.
Questions to consider if you’re thinking about a Private Cloud environment for your organization:

  1. Is security critical and/or are you mandated to meet compliance requirements?Because yours is the only organization with access to the actual hardware, a hosted Private Cloud offers more security than a Public one.
  2. Do you have the bandwidth and capability to manage the hardware?The service provider manages this for the organization, reducing the need for the organization’s staff to deploy, monitor, and maintain the physical infrastructure.
  3. Usage levels can impact pricing. Will your levels fluctuate or remain constant? If usage remains consistent, your costs for hosted Private Cloud service will remain predictable which can impact long-term budget planning.
  4. Does your business operate remotely? Hosted Private Cloud services can be accessed from anywhere, so if you have a team of telecommuters or there’s a great deal of travel involved in your organization’s operation, hosted Private Cloud services would be a good fit.

Public Cloud

Just as the name implies, a Public Cloud environment is shared among a number of users. A Public Cloud is good for startups and established businesses like retailers, restaurants, salons, bookstores, and more.

  1. Is agility important to your organization? If your inventory changes frequently or you need the ability to rapidly deploy new computing resources when adding new products and services, Public Cloud is particularly agile.
  2. Is your organization growing?With the Public Cloud, it’s very easy to add more resources or storage to meet your needs as your organization grows.
  3. Do you need to keep IT costs down?Because Public Cloud environments are so large and shared by so many, costs are quite low. Additionally, a Public Cloud environment reduces or eliminates your need for IT staff to manage and maintain hardware. Finally, because your service provider procures and maintains the necessary hardware and software (typically a capital expenditure for you) your organization will only need to pay a subscription fee, making it an operational expenditure instead.
  4. Does your business operate remotely?Because users can access the Public Cloud from any internet-connected device, it offers your organization the flexibility to work remotely and to collaborate from separate locations.

TECA offers hosting for clients with both the Private and Public Cloud in the AS/400 and x86 environments, delivering IT solutions best suited for every organization’s needs.

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