TECA Data Safe Launches Rapid Rebound

October 8, 2013


Media contact:
Kris Decker, Marketing Manager
TECA Data Safe, Inc.
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Minneapolis, MN 55369

TECA Data Safe Launches Rapid Rebound, a Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution That Restores IT Systems Faster After a Disaster

Minneapolis, MN — Industry-leading IT disaster recovery specialists, TECA Data Safe, proudly announce the launch of Rapid Rebound, a completely integrated disaster recovery solution to the cloud that ensures organizations a rapid-fire return to business after a disaster.

Unfortunately, too many businesses lack a realistic perspective on the time commitment required to recover IT systems in the wake of a disaster. What’s more, if an organization’s recovery system hasn’t been tested, it’s likely they won’t discover gaps in their back up processes until after a disaster and attempted recovery. By then it’s too late.

Fortunately, not only does TECA provide the systems in the cloud, they deliver the infrastructure to run a business after the disaster, as well as provide testing to verify all critical information and applications have been backed up.

“Quite a few of our customers own and operate small to mid-sized businesses,” says Tom Fischer, TECA CEO/President. “Many of them told us that the caliber of disaster recovery solutions most large organizations and Fortune 500 companies utilize just wasn’t available within their budgets. That’s when we developed a solution to better serve our customers.”

The result was Rapid Rebound, the recovery solution that provides replicated backup to the cloud and a swift return to business after a disaster. Not only does it restore IT systems quickly and efficiently so that an organization can promptly return to business, but for small to mid-sized businesses, the solution is within financial reach.

Compatible with virtually any platform including Linux, Windows, IBM i Power Systems (including AS/400, iSeries, and System I,) Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and others, the Rapid Rebound backup appliance is placed on-site at the business location, where it replicates the organization’s applications and data to the Cloud (one of TECA’s secure data centers.) Whether it’s a tornado, a flood in the computer room, or a simple power outage, when disaster strikes, Rapid Rebound is ready and able to recover those systems.

Rather than waste valuable time traveling to off-site repositories or searching for back up tapes while acquiring and installing the servers needed to rebuild an infrastructure, customers simply call TECA’s Disaster Recovery Hotline, 24/7/365. Upon notification, TECA utilizes its infrastructure resources and begins recovering applications and data. Then as soon as the customer’s systems are recovered, applications and data become accessible once again.

Says Fischer, “It really is just that simple and quick. With Rapid Rebound, business owners and operators will gain confidence in the knowledge that their backups remain local in addition to being securely replicated off-site. In the event of a disaster, applications and data are recovered in the cloud and made available to the customer once again.”

For any business that cannot afford the downtime that comes with a lengthy disaster recovery, or that find disaster recovery solutions intended for large organizations are unaffordable, Rapid Rebound is the solution.

Since 2005, TECA (Technology Equipment Coverage and Availability) Data Safe has gone beyond disaster recovery to keep customers in business. TECA fulfills this mission by delivering the backup and disaster recovery solutions clients demand, while providing superior, hands-on service. TECA disaster recovery and IT solutions include Rapid Rebound, Managed and Hosted Services, Recovery Testing, High Availability and Warm Site Recovery. For more information go to www.tecadatasafe.com or call 1-888-398-6235.