New IT Solutions from TECA Data Safe

TECA continues to make business better for its customers with expanded services, new equipment and easier access to support. This month, we talk to TECA’s CEO, Tom Fischer, who gives us an inside look at what’s new and how TECA’s IT solutions keep evolving to meet the needs of its customers.

Q. It’s been a few months since we’ve reached out to our blog audience. What’s been happening at TECA during this time?

There have been a lot of exciting new developments as TECA continues to expand services and support offerings in order to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

We’ve added a new data center in Freemont, CA and brought in additional VMware and Hyper-V servers. Along with that, we’ve added new solutions-PaaS (Platform as a Service) as well as other cloud offerings, including more hosted workloads. Additional AS400s have been added to TECA’s infrastructure to enhance our coverage for our IT disaster recovery client base, as well as more back up appliances that we use in our Rapid Rebound solution.

A new tool we’re very excited about is our recently implemented help desk system. This offers our clients easier access to our support team, as well as allows us to efficiently track open issues and create a knowledge data base. This makes us more effective and alerts us to outstanding questions or issues. It’s really proven to be an effective addition for both our clients and our team.

Q. What do you see trending in the IT marketplace?

We’re seeing more and more companies looking for ways to leverage offsite technology and support outside their existing onsite staff. As they become more comfortable with the “cloud” and outsourcing, they’re becoming more comfortable with engaging support and resources outside their organization.

For example, we’re experiencing this with companies where their IT departments have shrunk or they’ve moved personnel into other areas and management wants them to spend less time supporting AS400 at an OS level. In those instances, they’re seeking out professionals who can take care of those administrative duties for them. As a result, organizations are engaging us to provide more support for their IBM AS400 environment.

Q. What are your customers talking about these days?

An increasing number of organizations are investigating the prospect of High Availability services for their company. Of those currently available, IBM’s PowerHA seems to be a solution that’s gaining acceptance with people curious to know more about it.

TECA is addressing that expanding need in the marketplace by helping companies choose the best HA option for their organization, and by offering cloud infrastructure to support the various HA solutions.

Q. What are your clients’ biggest concerns?

Being unprepared for an IT outage or fear that their organization will point the finger at them if an outage occurs and they’re not prepared to handle it. This issue weighs heavily on the minds of IT specialists and managers. It can sometimes be difficult to convince management that backup and disaster recovery are critical to an organization. However, what they’re ultimately discovering is that they need a budget, resources and a plan to survive an emergency in the event of an IT outage. Sometimes management’s biggest concern is the cost effectiveness of a disaster recovery solution.

Q. How is TECA providing solutions for customers?

We have what clients are demanding now with our wide array of disaster recovery solutions and our managed service provider services. What’s more, TECA continues to be flexible in providing solutions for our clients’ needs. While some are strictly looking for offsite backups, others are looking for solutions for all the platforms in their organization, including AS400, VMware and Hyper-V. In this way, TECA offers our clients a comprehensive IT solution. As it relates to managed services, TECA offers varying levels of support from weekly system health checks to 24×7 IT administrative support. We listen very carefully to what our clients want and then work to provide them with those solutions that fit their needs and requirements.

Q. What’s coming up for TECA in the future?

Long term, we’re looking to continue to grow and expand the data centers we currently have in Minneapolis, MN and Freemont, CA. We’re going to keep educating the marketplace about the critical need for having reliable backup and disaster recovery systems in place to ensure IT continuity. Additionally, there is a lot of interest in our remote support and help desk capabilities, so we’ll continue to grow those services. And finally, we’ll keep on evolving TECA’s offerings in response to our customers’ changing and growing needs.