Investing in Rapid Rebound, an IT disaster recovery plan to the cloud, can save your business

You now know the grim truth about disaster recovery and we’re sure you agree…the cost of not having an IT disaster recovery plan — loss of customers, income, employees, and even your business — is likely more than you’re willing to pay.

You’ve probably already factored the actual monetary cost of a disaster too, by using TECA’s free online Cost of Downtime Calculator.

And so you’re convinced. Not only do you need to be prepared for anything, you need the assurance that should a disaster strike and your systems go down, your recovery will be smooth and your business will continue to operate seamlessly.

Just how do you do that?

Rapid Rebound — Faster after the disaster

Rapid Rebound is the key to saving your business. It’s TECA Data Safe’s completely integrated disaster recovery solution that will empower your small- to medium-sized business the ability to totally recover your data center after a disaster in as little as 6 to 24 hours, whether your system or platform is Linux, Windows, AS400 or one of many others.

Prior to Rapid Rebound, this kind of virtualized backup solution to the cloud was usually too costly for smaller organizations. But not anymore. With TECA’s Rapid Rebound backup to the cloud, disaster recovery is secure, fast and completely within reach of your budget.

How does Rapid Rebound work?

Your on-site Rapid Rebound Backup Appliance replicates your backed up applications and data to our secure data center offsite. Should disaster strike and your systems go down, you simply call TECA’s Disaster Recovery Hotline any time, day or night. Once we receive your notification that there’s been a disaster, we swing into action. First we recover your data and applications to our infrastructure at our site. Once the server is recovered, we connect to your network, giving your branch locations, employees and customers access to your applications and data. And that means you’re back online and back in business.

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