IT Innovator Joins TECA Team

Director of technology in server room
TECA Data Safe is pleased to announce the addition of John McGee to the TECA team. Taking on the position of Senior Director of Technology, John comes to TECA with an extensive background in IT and engineering. Throughout his career, John has been on the forefront of IT innovation as an early adopter of server virtualization and Disaster Recovery to the Cloud solutions. We sat down with John recently to get an inside look at TECA, his new position, and how the company is growing.

  • What drew you to join the team at TECA?
  • Initially, I met with Tom Fisher, TECA’s Co-Founder and CEO, and Ethan Bearman, Co-Founder and CTO, in the capacity of a consultant. I discovered that we shared similar philosophies, with a genuine concern for customer service, support, and solutions. I had a good feeling talking with them, and knew I had a skill set that would complement their vision and objectives, while helping take them where they needed to go.
  • What are your responsibilities as Senior Director of Technology?
  • I’m in charge of the data centers and infrastructure. Additionally, I’m responsible for policy and procedure, company direction, and service offerings, as well as expanding our portfolio to provide solutions for both the AS400 and X86 markets. I’m also working with staff to pinpoint any areas that need improvement or address gaps in skill sets and abilities that need to be bridged. Most importantly, I’m responsible for making sure our customers’ data is protected and secure.
  • What does a typical day look like for you?
  • I begin each day by having a strategy meeting with Tom. After that, I reach out to our techs and consultants for status updates, then I touch base with customers to ensure we’re meeting their needs and expectations, and to ask if there’s anything we can do for them. I generally spend the afternoon researching and configuring various technologies that would be a good fit for our product offerings.
  • What is your favorite part about working for TECA?
  • I love our customers. They are very genuine people. I also love the fact that TECA is so customer-centric. Some will reach out to us with challenges or to inquire if a particular service is in our wheelhouse and available to them. Even if we don’t offer the service they’re looking for, it’s an integral part of the TECA culture to help them find a solution.
  • What’s been most surprising about your work?
  • For a relatively small firm, we are a surprisingly large company. When I first came on board, I wasn’t sure if there was enough of a workload to support a person in my position. The fact that there was speaks to how efficiently Tom and Ethan have been running things all these years. We have so much going on and so much more we want to do!
  • How do you see your role evolving?
  • Right now, we’re putting processes and procedures in place to ensure we continue to deliver consistently positive outcomes. Eventually, I’ll step back from the day-to-day operations and spend more time designing and planning our offerings. I often meet customers who are struggling with requirements and needs they don’t know how to address. My goal is to focus long-term on our vision and direction as a company so we can help them find the solutions they seek.

Senior Director of Technology, John McGee, possesses the following certifications: Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching; Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching; Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Security; CompTIA Security+; CompTIA A+; CompTIA Project+; CompTIA Linux+; Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE); INFOSEC Professional.

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