How to Solve Business Challenges with Disaster Recovery

Working to recover data after a disaster
How does your company face common business challenges? You may be surprised to learn that disaster recovery can help you solve many of them, including:

Declining productivity

If your team’s work is interrupted by failing servers or they cannot access critical data, your company is going to experience a decline in productivity. This decline not only impacts your ability to earn income, it can actually cost you in underutilized labor. A disaster recovery solution offering High Availability or Warm Site Recovery will ensure business continuity by quickly restoring your systems in the wake of downtime or a disaster.

Tarnished reputation

You’re only as successful as your reputation. If your company becomes known as the one whose systems are always down, customers may avoid doing business with you. An effective disaster recovery solution will ensure fast recovery times so your company continues to enjoy the reputation you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Loss of business

Lengthy downtimes can mean disaster. If your systems are down, your customers can’t do business with you and will likely turn to your competitors instead. A disaster recovery solution that offers 24/7 monitoring, server management, and system wellness checks can prevent this from happening.


For those in the medical, financial, or legal fields, compliance with industry regulations is mandatory. If your systems are vulnerable to data loss, you could run into some messy legal situations. A disaster recovery solution that offers ongoing technical support is a must for your operation.

Network vulnerability

Currently, network security is one of the most critical issues faced by any business right now. But with DRaaS, you get greater security with on-going patching, security monitoring, and firewalls for both internal and external networks.

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In June of this year, hackers breached the data systems of an Albany-based healthcare billing claims vendor. Company officials reported that cybercriminals were able to collect information on 270,000 patients, including names, addresses, dates of service, medical data, insurance ID numbers, and even some Social Security numbers. Internet thieves will typically use this information to commit insurance fraud.

If your organization gathers and stores sensitive information, you must comply with mandated government regulations to protect it. If you have questions about data security, disaster recovery, DRaaS, or any other Cloud Computing services TECA offers, contact us today.

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