Why Choose Rapid Rebound?

Data disaster recovery that’s faster after the disaster

Our exclusive Rapid Rebound Backup Appliance is placed at your site, replicating your backup data and sending all of it completely offsite to our secure data center.

As a result, a fully-integrated data disaster recovery to the cloud and backup system is ready at our site, where everything from your data files to your applications will be recovered to our infrastructure in the event of a disaster.

That means you can feel confident that upon your notifying us of your system outage, we’ll begin your recovery, getting you back up and running in as little as 6 to 24 hours!

And that’s critical to keeping you in business.

Rapid Rebound goes to the cloud and beyond with an extensive list of features and benefits, including an Onsite Backup Appliance, Automated Offsite Storage, an Integrated Disaster Recovery System, plus more. Clearly it’s the ideal backup and recovery solution for most every platform, from AS400/iSeries to VMware, Linux, Windows and more.

How does Rapid Rebound work?

Find out now… or, call 888-398-6235 for a free consultation or for more information. We specialize in solutions for small to medium businesses (SMBs) like yours. One of our SMB technology specialists will be happy to answer your questions.