How Rapid Rebound Works

Cloud disaster recovery at lightning speed

Rapid Rebound enables you to experience disaster recovery to the cloud like never before.

  • Rapid Rebound backup appliance is placed at your site. After you’ve performed your nightly backup to the appliance, Rapid Rebound automatically replicates your backed up applications and data to our secure data center offsite. This enables you to back up virtually all of your platforms, locally and to the cloud.
  • When disaster strikes, Rapid Rebound swings into action. Because your last backup is already on a disk-to-disk Rapid Rebound Backup Appliance at our location, we have your files, applications, software–a complete mirror of your backed up applications and data–everything you need to recover your system fast.
  • We restore your information and data to our recovery servers to get you up and running again within 6-24 hours!
  • Once the restore is complete, we’ll work with you to connect to your network, enabling your branches, employees and customers access to your applications and data.
  • Recovery testing. When you sign up for Rapid Rebound Service, we execute a recovery test to ensure everything is in working order, verifying that you are backing up all essential data.
  • Documentation and recommendations. We note testing results, which inform you of how much recovery time will be needed should a disaster occur. After that, we execute a recovery test every 12 months to ensure we’ve got your complete system covered. (Included as part of your service.)
  • We’ve got several recovery options to fit your needs. In fact, if you need recovery within an hour, we can provide that too.  TECA’s “High Availability” Service gives you the opportunity to switch over and run on a backup server in an hour or less, saving both your customers and your business. For more details about High Availability, ask one of our technology specialists.


Be prepared, because a disaster can strike at anytime. Call 1-888-398-6235 for a free consultation or for more information. One of our SMB technology specialists will be happy to answer any questions.

Business rebound that’s versatile and within your reach

Typically, this kind of IT disaster recovery solution would have only been available to Fortune 500 companies. But now, through the cutting-edge technology of Rapid Rebound, it’s within reach of your SMB.

Call us for cloud backup and recovery for nearly any system or platform, including:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • AS400/iSeries/Power i
  • Power Systems
  • Citrix Xen
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • VMware and many others

Find out everything you need to know about Rapid Rebound here or download our product sheet for even more detailed information.

Ready to move ahead? Contact us today at 1-888-398-6235 for a free consultation. One of our SMB technology specialists will be happy to help.

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