Privacy Policy

As a customer or potential client of TECA Data Safe, your privacy is important to us.

When you visit our website, we may request information from you, including name, e-mail address, company URL, phone number and other data relevant to your business. Should you choose to disclose this information to us, we want you to rest assured that we consider it a matter of utmost privacy and security. We are the sole owners of all information collected on this site. We fully recognize that providing us with this information conveys trust that we will not misuse, sell or rent it to third parties for the purposes of product/service solicitation or to contact you for any other reason without your express permission. Additionally, we would never sell any information regarding your IP address or other similar data.

Please rest assured of our commitment to always protect you and your information. Should we make any changes to our Privacy Policy in the future, we will post those changes to this page.

If you wish to modify your contact information, please e-mail any changes to us at your earliest convenience. And if you would like to suspend all further communications with TECA Data Safe, please contact us at any time.