Why this company is thankful for Rapid Rebound

Birchwood Labs, a nationally recognized manufacturer of medical products throughout the US, is headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN, and operates several divisions including Medical Products, Technologies, Contract Manufacturing, Target Contract Packaging, PolyChrome Medical, and LiquiCell. With a vast range of important pharmaceutical and medical products and technologies, it is vital to their overall business continuity to have a reliable and fast backup and disaster recovery process in place.

The Challenge—Time-Consuming & Difficult Restoration

Birchwood Labs was backing up systems to physical tape on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. They stored one complete system save off site, while a second system save was stored in a fire-proof vault on site. The drawback of their existing backup and restore process was that it only provided a “point in time” restore capability, and in the wake of a disaster, would require laborious rekeying and data reprocessing up to the point of failure in order to rebuild the system. That meant that recovery would not only be very time-consuming, but regaining organizational stability would prove difficult as well.

The Solution—Rapid Rebound

After considering several factors including cost, risk and downtime tolerance for their business, Birchwood Labs chose TECA Data Safe’s warm site recovery service. TECA integrated Rapid Rebound into Birchwood’s daily, weekly and monthly backups. Now, backups are deduped and replicated to TECA’s secure facility in Minneapolis immediately following system saves, while remote journals are sent dynamically throughout the day.

The Results—Streamlined Processes

With Rapid Rebound, Birchwood Labs now has a virtual tape library, making backups and restoration very fast, easy to locate and easy to manage. What’s more, they feel very confident about their ability to quickly recover from a disaster based on annual disaster drills with TECA. In a controlled drill, Birchwood is able to accurately pinpoint the point of disaster, and have found their recovery point is under two minutes of the last data transaction prior to the declared disaster. Additionally, extensive testing on the failover machine has helped them both improve their procedures as well as create a very detailed Disaster Recovery Plan with step-by-step instructions in the event of an actual disaster.

The staff at Birchwood Labs say they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rapid Rebound and TECA DataSafe. “They’re phenomenal business partners and technical super stars! Very knowledgeable, very helpful and we know we can rely on them.”