Busting Myths About Cloud Computing

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In the age of the Internet and the era of “fake news” it can be hard to know what’s true and what’s false. Yet, despite there being so much information at our fingertips, there seems to be an almost equal amount of disinformation. That’s why it’s critical to shine a light on topics such as Cloud Computing; something that is essential to the secure storage of your business data and your peace of mind.

Here are five Cloud Computing myths that we’d like to clear up:

MYTH — It’s Unsafe.

FACT — Greater Security. Cloud Computing provides greater security than storing your data on-premise. That’s because it is subject to stringent accessibility and meticulous data monitoring available via Cloud Computing providers. What’s more, storing your data on-premise and on your own servers makes your data vulnerable to potential disasters from which your business may never recover. Finally, the cloud is less susceptible to attack because of on-going patching, security monitoring, and firewalls for both internal and external networks.

MYTH — It’s New and Untrustworthy.

FACT — It’s Been Around for Decades. The concept for Cloud Computing originated more than six decades ago. Of course, with the advent of the Internet, Cloud Computing took off in the 1990s with continued growth and innovation since that time.

MYTH — Migration is Difficult.

FACT — It’s a Seamless Process. When you work with experienced and efficient Cloud Computing providers, migration from current systems is seamless. Even if you’re current system is outdated, a trustworthy hosting company can clean things up and move your data to the cloud with minimal disruption.

MYTH — It’s Cheap/Expensive

FACT — It’s More Cost-Effective. While Cloud Computing may not be as inexpensive as operating your current network on-site, it is more cost-effective. Because you won’t be constantly upgrading and investing in new systems, your capital expenditures will be reduced, while your operating expenditures will remain predictable. Plus, the technology is scaled to your business needs, so there’s no financial outlay for technology or staff that you don’t need and won’t use.

MYTH — It’s Time-Consuming to Operate.

FACT — It’s Freeing. The tasks that previously consumed the precious time of your team — maintenance, monitoring, updating, patching — are handled by the Cloud Computing host, freeing up your team’s time to concentrate on your business.

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