The Critical Need for Cloud Computing During a Pandemic

For most of us, this has been an unprecedented time in our lives. With every day that passes in quarantine, we experience uncertainties about how to move forward with our lives, our social interactions, and our businesses. And while there is a lot of unpredictability right now, TECA CEO, Tom Fischer, explains why Cloud Computing can reassure business owners their critical data is secure.

  • What concerns are business owners expressing currently?
  • With so many organizations transitioning their employees to work-from-home environments, there is heightened interest in moving production workloads to the cloud. People who had previously ruled it out are exploring it and what they have discovered is that the cloud option is more viable than they thought.
  • What are the benefits of Cloud Computing for businesses, especially now?
  • Because of the pandemic, many companies are shut down and do not have someone onsite every day to handle the day-to-day management and monitoring of their environments. But they can still get everything covered.
    TECA offers clients a fully automated solution including our data center, backups, system protection, and monitoring with alerts. We deliver a full package so they can reap the benefits of complete security and protection, especially at a time when they cannot access everything like they traditionally have in the past.
    What we are also seeing is how many people’s eyes have been opened to what we can do with technology today. Prior to quarantine, many of them may not have considered how effectively technology can be accessed in remote situations. But what they are discovering is that their server does not have to be in the room right next to them to utilize all its capabilities. They are also finding out that allowing a service provider to manage their platform’s day-to-day operations frees them to focus on their line of business.
  • Do clients express any concerns about security when it comes to taking their data to the cloud?
  • People want to know we have secure data centers and what type of security options we provide. They ask if their data is encrypted? Is their data protected at multiple locations? Is there limited access to their environment and servers? More often than security issues, clients are concerned about scaling if and when their organization outgrows their current environment.
  • What other concerns do clients have?
  • There is a heightened demand for encryption at rest, which is often required by government, healthcare, and financial institutions. We can assure them that we have acquired the latest offerings in flash storage which makes us capable of encrypting at rest on their production environments.
    TECA also offers clients the option of MFA, or multi-factor authentication. Because remote workers are accessing systems from home, they may not have all the protection that they typically have at the office. MFA delivers that added layer of protection. It prevents anyone not authorized to gain access from breaching the system.
    Performance can also be an area of concern for some. When TECA launched in 2005, 5-10mb of bandwidth was standard. Now it is 100mb to 1gb, so there are no longer performance issues like there were in the past.
    Redundancies factor in too. We supply back up connections if a company is worried about losing access to their system should systems go down.
    When the pandemic started and telecommuting became essential, a lot of organizations had to work long and hard to create a system that remote workers could access and work with effectively. Had they already been working in the cloud, they would not have had to do that, and they would not have lost time and revenue in the process.
  • Any other thoughts?
  • TECA is uniquely qualified to help businesses, especially now. That is because we have been working remotely for years, so all the systems are in place. We know the challenges and we know the solutions. We have data centers across the country. As early adopters of managing technology remotely, we have been on the front of the wave of these processes for nearly two decades. We know how to do it effectively, with security and integrity. We feel nothing but fortunate that our business was well suited to address the needs of clients during this time. We were already prepared and that ensured our customers were as well.

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Because of the recent COVID-19 crisis, large numbers of people are working remotely. Adjusting to these new circumstances can prove challenging, especially during stressful times.

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