Automated cloud backup and recovery vs. traditional tape backup and restore

The term “cloud computing” is so ubiquitous these days that one envisions masses of cumulonimbus clouds stacked so high they almost reach the moon. Of course, “the cloud” isn’t literally a meteorological mass — but instead, cloud backup and recovery is one of the most cost-effective and reliable backup, storage, and disaster recovery technologies available to businesses today. Despite that, there are still many who have not availed themselves of the technology simply because they believe that their traditional tape backup system is sufficient for their needs.

It stands to reason then, that a side-by-side comparison should be made to see if the new technology is as good (or better) than the old technology. That’s why we’re stacking up a Traditional Tape (Traditional Tape Backup) backup and restoration system beside Rapid Rebound (Cloud backup & recovery), TECA’s automated cloud backup and recovery system, to see which one works best at keeping your data safe and getting you back to business faster after a disaster.


Where will you store all that recovered information?

  • Imagine the worst…flood, fire, tornado. Your servers go down, your data center is destroyed. You need to get back to work asap! Fortunately, you’ve been diligently backing up and storing your company files in a safe place. Now, all you have to do is restore them. But wait! To what will you restore them? Even if you’ve done everything right, your technology infrastructure has been destroyed. That means before you can even begin the recovery process, you must acquire a new IT infrastructure, including servers, switches, security devices, and more.
  • A backup appliance is placed at your site to which you back up your system nightly. The appliance then automatically replicates your backed up applications and data to our secure data center offsite, enabling you to back up virtually any platform, locally, and to the cloud. In the event of a disaster and system failure, recovery starts with just a phone call or email message to TECA Data Safe. Upon notification, we immediately begin the recovery process.


How soon can you begin the process?

  • A traditional tape recovery will first require that you locate your backup tapes, retrieving them from whatever storage facility or even employee’s home to which they’ve been dispatched. (Side note–if you’ve been taking them offsite, you’ve got to keep your fingers crossed that there’s been no tampering, loss or security issues to deal with on top of your current disaster.) All the while, the clock is ticking.
  • With Rapid Rebound, we begin your restoration as soon as you notify us that your system is down. That means no delay recovering your critical systems, applications, and data, which means you’re back in business that much sooner.


How long before your business is fully operational again?

  • It can take days and even weeks to recover from a disaster when you’re using a traditional tape backup system and restore. With all the processes needed to even begin restoration, your systems could be down for longer than you can afford.
  • With Rapid Rebound, we can have you back online and back to business in 6 to 24 hours. Not fast enough? We even offer plans that allow you to get back to business within an hour or less. Now that’s fast!


Back to business as usual?

  • It’s been weeks since your systems went down, yet you’re still downloading software, reinstalling applications and rebuilding your servers.
  • Once your server is recovered, your office, branch locations, employees, and customers can once again access your applications and data. Congratulations! You’re back online and back to business!


Could disaster have been averted?

  • Too many businesses fail to comprehensively test their recovery process to ensure that there are no glitches, no missing data and no malfunctioning equipment. The time to find these things out is not when you’re attempting to recover and restore your systems.  What’s more, because many organizations don’t perform full system recovery testing, they actually don’t know how long recovery will take.
  • TECA performs a recovery test  at the time of initial set up to verify accuracy and system compatibility, ensuring your infrastructure is in place and everything is ready to go. Thereafter, we test annually to confirm your system is fully functional and backing up the critical data required to operate your business.

Being proactive and planning for disaster recovery is the first step toward maintaining healthy business continuity. That’s why TECA offers you comprehensive, easy-to-use tools to do precisely that. Located on our website, TECA’s free cost of downtime calculator will help you assess your organization’s potential downtime costs. Also available online and at no cost to you, TECA’s whitepaper, Ten Key Steps to Surviving & Succeeding After an IT Disaster, gives you step-by-step guidance on how to achieve complete restoration of your critical data and applications after an IT disaster strikes.