An ounce of prevention …

Staying healthy with a TECA AS400 System Wellness Check

It’s that time of year when we all seek to improve. From excercising more to eating healthier, every January holds the possiblity of change for the better. However, far too often, between trips to the gym and the organic grocer, we can overlook something else that resides at the very core of every business — our IT systems.

If you’re not vigilantly maintaining the health of your IT systems, you could have a potential disaster on your hands. An AS400 System Wellness Check is absolutely critical to the continued well-being of your business.

Don’t think you need one? Consider the following — do you lack the time or the skill to perform upkeep on your admin systems? Are you short-staffed or are you in need of dedicated staff necessary to perform critical updates or necessary repairs? Might you possibly just want another set of eyes and the perspective of a high level tech to review your system? Are you committed to watching your business flourish while avoiding complicated, expensive, or even devastating IT system issues? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then TECA’s AS400 System Wellness Check is right for you.

Prognosis: Excellent

At regular intervals (monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly) a TECA Senior AS400 Technician examines your system. They look for and report on:

  • How it’s operating — fast, slow, glitchy
  • Warnings, errors, or alarms
  • Disk storage, memory problems, or worrisome trends
  • Efficacy of backup solutions
  • Anything out of the ordinary that should be happening (and isn’t) or shouldn’t be happening (and is.)

Immediately after examining your system, TECA’s Senior AS400 Technician prepares a report which is submitted to you, the client, on the same day. That report may include:

  • Advice on best practices
  • Tips on performance enhancements
  • Suggestions on antcipating and avoiding problems
  • Notifications on Program Temporary Fixes (PTF’s), Technology Release (TR) updates, Microcode or OS updates
  • Recommendations on specific issues such as processer performance or disc storage
  • Suggested solutions for anything that appears as if it is or might cause problems

TECA clients who subscribe have found that the AS400 System Wellness Check keeps them up to date on system needs, reduces the risk of downtime, anticpates problems, enables preventive measures to avoid catastrophe, allows them access to the TECA Help Desk, and most importantly, enhances their systems’ performance.

In the end that means their organization functions at optimized efficiency. And that sounds pretty healthy!

Contact us today for more information about scheduling your AS400 System Wellness Check.