Why Choose TECA Data Safe?

Disaster recovery & business continuity at its best

At TECA Data Safe, we believe there’s more to IT disaster recovery and business continuity than just providing you with our reliable backup and recovery system.

IT disaster recovery begins with knowing your business, your goals and your challenges. It’s about developing a customized plan for you that assures you no matter what happens — fire, flood, or power outage — your company’s most valuable information assets are safe and recoverable. It’s about being there for you before, during and after a disaster to ensure IT disaster recovery you can count on.

For you, that means you can sleep at night knowing that if the power fails, your business won’t.

Disasters can’t be prevented. So when things go wrong, you need be sure that damage is minimal. That’s why you need TECA Data Safe for back up and recovery of your business. Since 2005, we’ve been an industry leader in backup and disaster recovery to the cloud.

Seven reasons TECA should be backing up your business

  1. Valuable. Our IT disaster recovery solutions work. It’s just that simple. How do we know? We test our customers’ systems once a year or more, if necessary. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask our customers. They’ll tell you how valuable our services are to them.
  2. Multi-platform. No matter what your system — Linux, Windows, AS400, iSeries, VMware or other — our multi-platform capabilities give you comprehensive coverage for all of your company’s IT recovery needs.
  3. There for you. Our dispatch center delivers response and access to the recovery servers 24×7. If you have an emergency and need to recover your system, we’ll be there and ready.
  4. Responsive. Whether it’s a recovery test or an actual IT disaster recovery event, our experienced technicians will see you through the recovery process from beginning to end.
  5. Flexible. TECA Data Safe offers flexible terms, working with you to structure a service agreement that offers the spot-on solutions and timeframe that suits your business.
  6. Cutting edge. As technology changes, so do we. We stay at the forefront of the industry so that we’re always able to adapt and remain compatible with your production system.
  7. Cost effective.  It used to be that only the big companies could afford the type of solutions we offer. TECA has leveled the playing field by offering our services at reasonable rates, putting them well within reach for small businesses as well as medium-sized businesses like yours.