What our clients think

No amount of marketing from us is going to make as strong an impression on you as the thoughts and words of some of our own clients. We think it’s important you know what they think about us, because to us, what our clients think is what matters most.

The folks at TECA are a great group of people; very knowledgeable and professional in IT, particularly disaster recovery. We’ve been working with them for several years.

Currently, our Rapid Rebound service allows us to backup to TECA’s servers on a daily basis. That’s for AS400, as well as network servers. That means we no longer have to deal with physical tapes.

With TECA, the cost of IT disaster recovery is far less than the competition. The changes they’ve made in technology have made things faster, easier and better for us. They’re professionals who know what they’re doing and can get things up and running far more economically than others.

Ken Katzenberger
Controller, Mid-Central Federal Savings Bank
Wadena, MN

We’re a heavy equipment distributor using IBM equipment since 1971. Our whole business — everything we have — is on our computers. That’s all the business software that runs our company! Having all that backed up someplace other than our own building, is huge! TECA provides us with backup and IT disaster recovery, which gives us peace of mind and the ability to sleep at night.

Each backup gets copied here and then at TECA’s secure site. We haven’t had any disasters to date, but we’ve done the testing and know the system works.

The folks at TECA are great people; very responsive and thorough. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other businesses.

Scott Stevenson
Road Machinery & Supplies Co.
Savage, MN

We’ve worked with TECA for many years. They provide us with a strategic solution for backup and recovery with outstanding service. They’re very knowledgeable, which makes it easy for us to rely on them for troubleshooting and support. The Rapid Rebound backup appliance was new to us, but TECA made it simple for us to manage. We no longer have to mount tapes or come in at the end of the month to do it. It makes restoration very fast! In fact, we were able to use our existing backup procedures with only one minor modification. Now transition to VTL with dedupe, replication and remote journaling capabilities are all vital to our recovery plan.

We consider TECA a valued business partner that we trust to provide us with outstanding service and knowledge.

Cheryl Aeling
Birchwood Laboratories, Inc.
Eden Prairie, MN

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