Rapid Rebound

Fast Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Much more than offsite data storage, Rapid Rebound is your proactive plan for express, complete and secure cloud backup and disaster recovery. Unexpected downtime can be catastrophic, but with Rapid Rebound, you’ll resume business in as little as 6 to 24 hours. Plus, with Rapid Rebound’s unique backup appliance, data recovery is just a phone call away.
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Why TECA Data Safe

IT Specialists You Can Trust

When business continuity is priority one, small- to medium-sized businesses count on the IT Specialists at TECA Data Safe. As IT experts, we are laser-focused on our clients’ business needs. From Rapid Rebound, to Cloud Computing, Managed Services, and Disaster Recovery for any platform, we put IT business solutions, business continuity, and disaster recovery within your reach.
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IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Surviving & Succeeding After an IT Disaster

Did you know 93 percent of all companies that experience “significant data loss” are out of business within five years? Simply backing up to tape alone is not adequate for restoring your critical applications and data in the wake of a disaster. What can you do to ensure business security? Find out what you must do to create your organization’s comprehensive IT disaster recovery plan.
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Opportunity for VARs

Your Chance for a Lucrative Partnership

Value Added Resellers are reaping the rewards of partnering with TECA Data Safe to offer their customers Rapid Rebound, one of the industry’s most innovative Disaster Recovery solutions. Don’t miss your chance to expand your service offerings while adding a profitable new revenue stream to your business, plus many other benefits.
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